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Dispute Resolution

Disputes arise between individuals and businesses in all kinds of situations. We can help you try to resolve disputes through negotiation, including mediation or other forms of dispute resolution, and if that doesn’t work, through the Court process. We work together with the other Specialist Departments, calling upon their expertise and legal knowledge to advise you on the most practical, and cost effective way of resolving disputes such as:

Disputes arising on someone’s death – this could include a challenge to a Will, or making/defending a claim against the estate where there is a dispute about how an estate is to be distributed.

Property Disputes – this could involve a dispute about whether building work has been carried out properly, where the correct boundary should be or rights of way.

Contract disputes – this could involve a commercial contract between businesses, a credit agreement for the purchase of a car or other goods, enforcing a loan agreement and many other issues which arise when a contract has been entered into, or in some cases when there is no written contract at all.

Personal injury – this could involve a road traffic accident, an injury which occurs at work or when visiting someone’s premises. It could also include incorrect medical treatment in hospital, by your GP or dentist.

Debt recovery – if you are owed money we can help you recover what is due to you including interest and at least some of your costs.

Landlord and tenant disputes – whether you are a landlord or a tenant we can advise on the correct procedures for granting tenancies (including payment of a deposit), recovering possession of properties, disputes about repairing obligations and payment of rent.

Employment – we can advise on contracts of employment at the beginning of employment, disputes during employment including disciplinary proceedings, grievances, and dismissal and also settlement agreements which compromise the terms for an employee leaving employment.

We can support, advise and guide you through any dispute which arises in your life where you feel you need a professional advocate acting on your behalf.

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