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House prices increased by 8.7% in the year to June

House prices in England and Wales rose by 8.7% in the year to June, according to the latest figures in the UK House Price Index provided by the Land Registry.

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Widow of road accident victim awarded £700,000 compensation

The widow of a businessman killed in a motorcycle accident has been awarded £700,000 compensation.

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Employers should protect against Brexit abuses in the workplace

Employers may wish to reconsider their strategies for avoiding workplace bullying and abuse following the referendum vote to leave the EU.

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Landlords getting tougher over commercial break clauses

The standard break clauses to be found in most commercial tenancy agreements often lead to disputes, but it’s thought the numbers are likely to rise dramatically over the coming few years as the country adjusts to the Brexit decision to leave the EU.

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Four directors disqualified for failing in their legal duties

Four directors have been disqualified from running a company for up to 11 years after failing to carry out their legal duties.

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